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Support Available: Monday-Friday 8 AM – 5 PM CST
Absolutely. To request a product sample of mailable pieces, please email gaf.lexinet.net and specify which product you’d like to see. You can also call Customer Service at 800.767.9559
SmartMail™ is a full-service solution for your marketing needs. Once you submit your order, we will print your custom marketing piece using a high-quality (600 dpi resolution), high-speed color laser printer.
Your custom marketing piece is printed on high-quality cover weight white stock. Due to increasing damage done when pieces travel through the USPS automated processing equipment, we can help protect your mail piece by applying a thin layer of UV coating to your piece if you choose. The coating also makes your message stand out with a high gloss finish.
Your custom order will be printed in color using a high-quality, high-speed color laser printer.
We provide a real time, online proof during the ordering process. Should you require a physical proof prior to completing your order, please contact Customer Service at 800.767.9559. An additional charge will be added for the physical proof and production will be delayed.
List Questions
Yes, SmartMail™ offers you options when selecting a residential mailing list from our nationwide customer databases.

You can create your targeted mailing list by zip code, address mapping, streets or a radius search.

In addition to those location options, you can also target your list by demographics such as home ownership, occupant status, income and more.
Yes, those options are available for residential lists created with a mailing order, not a list you upload yourself.

For an additional $2.00, you can receive your list by email including names.

For $5.00 you can receive your list by email including names and phone numbers of the residents of those addresses. We do not remove phone numbers on the Do Not Call registry, and numbers must be checked against the registry prior to making any calls.

These lists are delivered in an Excel file. Please note, we compile residential information from multiple national databases and occasionally the information provided is not current.
You can request names only or phone numbers and names in the ordering process. There’s an extra charge for that additional information, it’s not available until the list is purchased.
As a registered user, you can access your uploaded lists under My Account/My Mailing Lists. Select the list and click Edit. You can choose the record you wish to update.
SmartMail™ offers as many records as we can access in your target area. However, we want to make sure records are accurate. Residents that have requested to not receive mail solicitations are removed from your list results. You should expect returns, but records that are coded with poor deliverability are automatically excluded from your list results.

For more information about your list, please contact Customer Service at 800.767.9559.
Mailing/Shipping Information
No, we print the addresses directly onto the postcards instead of applying labels, as we believe it results in a more professional looking mail piece.
  • Orders will be processed, printed and sent within one business day unless otherwise specified.
  • Standard 4x6 postcards are mailed First Class only.
  • Postcards going First Class generally arrive within 3-5 days after order is processed.
  • Postcards going Standard generally arrive within 7-14 days after order is processed
  • Mailing available to U.S. addresses only.
At the order summary page, you will have the opportunity to check the box for the option of “I would like to include myself in this mailing”. By checking the box, you will automatically be included and a mail piece will be addressed to the address you provided in your account registration.
Click Here to view minimum order quantities and pricing information.
Mailing lists are updated on a regular basis, to keep them as up-to-date as possible. However, as a rule of thumb, you should anticipate receiving returns of 5-10% of the cards that you mail. Prospects continually move and businesses close. Remember, a few returned cards does not mean that your mailing was not effective.

Mailing list records are imperfect and compiled from 1000’s of sources. If someone is listed at an incorrect address, they have somehow been linked to that incorrect address at some point in time, and the compiler has received no additional data that would indicate they should not be. We appreciate any corrections, as we pass them on to the list compiler for them to update the records. Reporting, such as this, assists in improving the accuracy of the information. All mailing lists are updated on a daily basis by the compiler with information received from the 1000’s of sources.
When your postcards leave the printer (the actual machine) the ink is dry and set in. However, the post office uses sorting belts and scanners that can cause damage to unprotected mail due to heat and friction. This heat and friction results in the ink on your postcards becoming tacky and then smearing. This issue is not exclusive to just your postcards. We have discussed this with the post office and were informed since postcards are "unprotected mail" they are prone to damage. At this time they are unable to guarantee anything will change in the current process. On our end, we have been making efforts to make our postcards more durable during the mailing process to help decrease these incidents. These efforts include providing you an option to add a coated finish to your postcard, which can help protect them. We will continue to look at different options that will help your postcards.
Payment Information
Your credit card will be charged at the time your order is submitted.
SmartMail™ is a safe and secure site that accepts credit cards online as the only form of payment.
This is correct. Charges for your orders will be listed on your credit card statement as Direct Mail Marketing.
Your order goes in to production immediately after you approve payment so we can get your marketing piece out as quickly as possible. For that reason, orders cannot be cancelled once you complete the check out process.
Yes. You can find those volume discounts here. For a custom quote please call Customer Service at 800.767.9559.

We also offer Medallion Level pricing discounts as you order more postcards throughout the calendar year. Learn more here.
Upload Your Own Artwork
.jpg, .tif, .png and .pdf are all acceptable file formats. All images should be at least 300 dpi for best print quality.
  • Design specifications for each product should be followed closely to print correctly.
  • All artwork must be created at at least 300 dpi for best print quality.
  • All files should be created with a 1/8” bleed on all 4 sides and an additional 1/4” text-free zone.
  • On mailed pieces, the “outgoing address” area must be left design free to accommodate postal regulations.
Bleed is the term used for printing that goes right to the edge of the paper. All files should be created at 1/8” larger than the finished piece on all 4 sides. This allows for trimming.

Text should also be kept an additional 1/4” away from the bleed area. This ensures that no text is removed during the trimming process.
No. The large majority of the images that you find online are low quality (resolution) images. Although these images look fine when viewed on a monitor, they are not suitable for print. Images submitted for print should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. You cannot use copyrighted photos or text without permission from the owners.
Depending on the resolution and settings of your monitor, the colors on your printed piece may vary from your screen view. If we note any extreme discrepancies, we will contact you by phone prior to printing your order.